We’re more then just a service provider… We’re Oodles!

oo·dles/ ’oodlz / (noun) a very significant number or amount of something. In our case, a significant number of different services to help you!

Our Companies

The Service You Can Count On (or TSYCCO for short) is proudly Canadian and operating nationally for over 40 years.

Explore TSYCCO’s group of companies to find out all that we can do. Whether you are a home owner, business owner, or you manage facilities, our mission is to provide you with one point of contact for all your service needs. Reliable, fast and cost effective – You can count on us to get it done right. At TSYCCO we treat every job, large or small, as if it’s our own!

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Kimberley M. Used Oodles to assemble and install her greenhouse so she could spend more time doing what she loves gardening

Want to know what we look forward
to each day?

It’s the smile on our customer’s faces when all those projects
disappear, and they realize how much free time they now
have to enjoy the things they want because we were able to
help them.

About Us

We’ve worked hard to make everything simple and stress-free. All of our services have transparent up-front pricing, include a detailed list of what’s included, and can be requested in just a few clicks. To top it all off, we offer you your very own Home Assistant for free. We’re here to help you schedule, plan, and provide quotes for any of your service needs.

Each Pro we use goes through an extensive vetting process which includes a pre-screening process, background check, and training to do each project. This way, you can trust that the Pro coming to your project will have the right tools and know-how to complete the job.

All jobs completed through Oodles by an Oodles pro are Fully Insured and bonded because life is unpredictable. Pros are human, and sometimes things go wrong. So if anything happens, you can trust we will work to make it right.

Let’s do something great together

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